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Old plate windows are becoming increasingly in demand in the design community. The old industrial look cannot be duplicated with new glass. Olde Good Things has a vast supply of wavy, corrugated, chicken wire (in various designs) and simple old glass plate window panes available for sale. This glass can be purchased as is, or, through a special process, be mirrored with a distressed look. Salvaged from copper clad and steel windows from historic buildings such as the Flat Iron Building, The New York Times Building and The McAlpin House, this glass is original and timeless.

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Chicken-wire glass windows

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Chicken wire glass

Chicken wire glass mirrored

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Old plate glass

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The result of this special process is distressed industrial style mirrored glass which is unique and fascinating. This galvanized steel framed window is just a sample of the varied results we achieve. No two pieces are alike.

The latest desired look is warehouse industrial. Give distinct design accents to your next project with antique glass from Olde Good Things.


Chicken-wire glass window

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